Christmas Tradition

     There are tons of traditions that are associated with Christmas.  Few people know why they do them.  For that reason, my wife and I have come up with a few of our own.  One that I want to share is Christmas diner.

     I'm part Italian, and she's part Scottish.  We have decided to start our own traditions for diner.  I am going to make ravioli from scratch.  That included making the pasta dough, the filling, making and cooking the finished product.  This is a pretty involved process.  If you have never made your own pasta, look it up.  It's a lot of hands on work.  I'm going to use two diffrent typed of filling.  One cheese and the other beef.  Instead of boiling the ravioli, I coat it in bread crumbs and deep fry it.  This is known as St. Louis style.  It's very good.  I serve it with sour cream and tomato sauce.  My wife is going to make a Scottish bread that is almost like a pancake. 

     We figure that if we make our own tradition and continue to do it with our kids, Christmas will hold a more special meaning.  Besides the food part, we are also focusing on the reason for the Holiday, Jesus.  It's not about what gifts you get or how many.  We do a stocking and a few gifts under the tree.  For us, it's about family and religion.

     I hope that all of you enjoy which ever holiday you celebrate, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, and of course Happy New Year




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