Christmas is coming. I like Christmas. Those of you who are familiar with me know that I'm not some big Christian, religious type. So it's not about that.  I like that it's a time of year to get togehter with family and friends. Maybe put past differences behind us. I like that Christmas is an icon of peace and good will toward people in general, even perfect strangers. I like it when I find the perfect gift for someone, and their reaction when they open it. I like the decorations and putting up the tree. In the eleven years my wife and I have been together we have collected hundreds of ornaments. Many of them remind us of places we have been together. I like driving around and looking at other people's decorations. Some people really go nuts with lights and other (sometimes tacky) things.


    I don't like being assulted by Christmas hype. It really bothers me to see Christmas stuff in stores in September or October.  The overly commercialized part of Christmas sucks, and in my opinion, misses the point entirely. I do realize that for some, Christmas is a time of anxiety or lonelyness. All the shopping some people do. The disfunctional family reunions. Or the people with no one to spend time with. And lets not forget the mailmen, (don't smack me with the PC stick).  I don,t have any advice that can magically turn Christmas into something good for everybody.


    But, all thing's considered I feel that Christmas represents far more good than negative. A statement that I would never have felt the need to make 20 years ago. Not that Christmas has changed, but certainly some parts of our culture has. So I hope we all can have a merry Christmas this year, or at least tolerable, for those of you who can't stand it.


    Peace on earth. Good will toward men. Oh  and Happy New Year.


    I know this is a little early but, WTF.

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