Chuck Norris Is An Idiot?

The man known mostly for his shitty acting and cliche roles recently criticised president Barack Obama in a video. Norris, made into a laughingstock by the internet many years ago used his popularity and from a lousy actor who always plays a tough guy that kicks people's asses, he became some kind of a pop culture icon. Recently, Norris used his popularity to support the republicans in a very unrefined and pushy manner.

Using his fans and wife (who is as much of an actor as her husband; you can clearly see she's reading the lines involuntarily and appears to have been forced to do this) the actor tries to manipulate people by using big words you usually hear from ignorant piquetters, like "socialism," for example. Really? Could Chuck Norris swoop lower than this? Apparently he could. Watch this commercial where he uses his son to sell his shit.

Look at that kid's embarrased face! Norris is not only a shit actor. He's also a shit person. Using his own family for his propaganda is a very disgraceful move. Especially when it comes for politics. The most awful part of this terrible clip is that he supports the wrong candidate. Instead of supporting the man who saved the country numerous times, is not only the wisest but the most handsome president in decades, he supports Romney. All those years he's been playing a hero and he turned out to be a villain. 

Uploaded 09/07/2012
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