Chump Change for a Dollar

I handed a $100 dollar bill to the wine store merchant, only to be told they don't accept $100 dollar bills for a $40 dollar purchase. OK, no problem I'll go back next door to the grocery store where I just paid for $150 dollars in groceries with 1, $100 and 1, $50 dollar bills. Nope, "sorry sir we don't give change here anymore, new store policy". Very well, being in a good mood I go outside peruse the area and low and behold a brand new Cash Store.


I knew if I was patient and kept a cool head a solution was not far off. In I go to this new and obviously needed store and inquire if I may exchange my $100 dollar bill. "I'm sorry sir" with an amused smile, exclaims the young lady, " we do not keep cash at this store". Somewhat stymied I leave the Cash Store with poor results.


Off to M&M Meatshop. I pick out a desert priced at $3.29, hand the clerk the $100 dollar bill, who handles it like a lit stick of dynamite. I kindly and desperately explain to him my plight, and he becomes the hero. I really needed a glass of wine after that!



Uploaded 06/14/2010
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