Church and State

As some of you may remember, I consider myself an atheist. I grew up in a very religious family, and I still frequently attend church. That being said, I encounter and know a lot of fundamentalist Christians. Many of these Christians believe that the separation of church and state is a bad thing. What these people are really saying is that MY CHURCH and state should be intertwined.


These fundamentalists need to put themselves in the shoes of others for once in their life. Fine lets have church and state become one. Lets enact Sharia law tomorrow and see how fast church and state become separate again.  Or lets make the pledge of allegiance say one nation under Shiva, or put In Allah We Trust on all of our money and see how quickly these offend people ( Im not offended by the pledge or money, I just want to point out what I see as hypocrisy).


OK, lets say America is put under a Judeo-Christian system.  What do we go with: A Jewish government? No more pork? Everyone must take a day of rest? Would anyone tolerate this? What about a Mormon system? Would history be rewritten and Utah be recognized the official Garden of Eden? Would we look at non-Caucasian people as cursed? Catholicism: no more condoms or birth control? You see where Im going with this so Ill stop.  


I am no way saying that all religious people believe in church and state coming together, but this is the majority opinion OF THE CHRISTIANS I KNOW.  I just think if the only reason you say two men or women who love each other cant get married, or think its wrong for someone to smoke a joint because my God says so.just remember: not everyone believes the same things as you.  You wouldnt want your freedom taken away because someone else believes in something you dont.


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