Clean end of the shitty stick.

Besides my apparent lack of team building communication skills I do think I'm doing pretty well at my new job. 

I have to admit, I got lucky where many didn't.  I landed a permanent full time job that pays more than I've ever earned before.   The company has only opened their doors 6 months ago, and they've been doing a lot of hiring and making a lot of large changes in a short period of time.  In other words, nobody seems to know exactly what's going on at any given time.   I'm in the yard department - only vagina owner once again.  But  more specifically, I'm a fork lift operator.  

These trucks are different from anything I've used before too.  These brand new, half million dollar machines are large enough to lift 4 - 9 of the size of forklift I'm used to.  We use them to move 44' long pieces of steel pipe... also something I'm not used to.    I am under qualified for the job, and the real reason they hired me is up in the air.    Never the less, I've more than accepted the challenge and have been making very large improvements. I've gotten over my initial fears and I am quickly learning to manipulate and maneuver the machine and materials.  Soon enough it will be like an extension of my arm.

Despite the ridiculous hours, lack of organization and communication, and the lack of breaks (we get one half hour break a day, and it's not always in the middle). I don't mind the job.  I actually really enjoy it.   What I'm not entirely a fan of is the people.

Since it's so new, everyone there is also new.  There is no real seniority system to go by, and many people are stepping over one another to fill in those gaps.  This causes an abnormally high amount of inside politics.  The fact that most people do not know each other very well only makes matters worse.  I didn't even see this much drama in high school.      Did you know that I put a forklift through a wall at one of my old jobs, and that's why I got laid off?  Me neither!  Add that to the fact that I received a job that about 5 temporary employees were looking to fill for months prior, and you have a crew of people who don't believe I should be there.   Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with the other new guy, who happens to be a sexist, ageist, shit for brains that can hardly read.  Good times!

It's bullshit, but it's more than worth it.  I'll stick it out more than long enough to see that shit fade and to earn some respect.  I'm going to do what I'm paid to do and continue to make steady and large improvements until I outlast and exceed the skill level of the assholes who are giving me a hard time.  If anything their bullshit makes it so I won't feel bad for stepping on their toes if they get in my way.  Hell it even motivates me more, makes me wonder "Imagine how pissed he would get if I became a lead hand?"   Those I get along with know I'm a helpful, hard working person who never complains about the task at hand, or stresses out when there's a problem.

It's also more than worth it because my home life has improved immensely!  I bought a new(ish) car a few days ago.  Already building credit and saving for future endeavors.  I don't live pay cheque to pay cheque anymore.  I'm finally out of that 6 year rut and am actually moving up in the world.

I'm also 7 weeks smoke free!  

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