Clingy Girl. Help!

So I dated this girl for awhile. It was great, til she was constantly talking to another guy. She then left me for said guy. Then a month later came back to me. After a week of begging, I finally took her back like a dumbass. Well, I could go on and on about how shitty this relationship was, and believe me, i could write a book about the bullshit that went on, but I won't.. What I will talk about her being clingy. I need to get rid of her. No words can describe how much I hate this girl. I seriously want her gone from my life.. I've tried the nice let down, the horrible mean guy, the "im only using you for sex" then only see if her sex was involved, the ignoring, and the blocking. Everything. She still finds a way to contact me. Myspace, uses different cell numbers, makes multiple aim accounts to text my phone, emails all my emails, EVERYTHING to try to contact me. Theres only 2 solutions that I can see. 1. Kill her. 2. Restraining order. Since its illegal and immoral to do the first one, id have to do the second. but theres gotta be another way. Help?

Uploaded 09/08/2009
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