i don't really like clowns. they aren't funny at all. matter of fact they are the red headed bastard disfigured retard of the comedy world. they do, however, do one thing right: they scare the shit outta children and adults alike. have you ever met someone who has said this:


"Oh, golly gee! The circus is in town and i can't wait to see the CLOWNS!! they are sooo FUNNY!!! they make me LAUGH SOOO HARD!!!"


my guess would be no. now i know for a fact everyone here DOES know someone who has said this before:


"Oh, fuck man. the circus is in town and i will shit my pants if i see any CLOWNS. the are soo fuckin CREEPY! they make my INSIDES CHURN WITH FEAR AND ANXIETY!!"


and if you hang with strange and disturbed people (like i tend to do) you might hear this:


"Ohhhh, MAN! guess what? the fuckin circus is in town!!! i can't wait to FUCK one of them CLOWNS!!! they are sooo fuckin SEXY!!! they can make me CUM SOOO HARD!!!


yeah. that's what i said. crazy. clowns can make us feel angry, happy(doubtful), horny, or fearful. what the fuck was i talking about again? if you had sex with a clown could you be considered fuckin funny?

and what the fuck is the deal with "crumpin"? so you put on clown make up and break dance? and that is cool now? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? i think i feel it.......old. i feel the old creeping in. i found myself yesterday on the front lawn, in my tighty whiteys, shaking my fist at teenagers as they drove past. and i was wearing a clown mask. and i was hard.

Uploaded 08/27/2009
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