Club 27

  There has been a lot of coverage of performers that died at the age of 27 since the announcement of Amy Winehouse's death.  this is taken from 

Who are the other notable musicians in the club?

Brian Jones (1942-1969): Rolling Stones founder and guitarist. Jones was found dead in a swimming pool and was tagged death by misadventure.

Robert Johnson (1911-1938): He was a Bluesman who recorded his influential set of 29 songs which inspired musicians after him. He is considered the first of the 27 club.

Malcolm Hale (1941-1968): Hale was the original member of Spanky and Our Gang who died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a damaged space heater.

Arlester "Dyke" Christian (1944-1971): Front-man and vocalist of Dyke & The Blazers, he was shot.

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (1973-1946): He was the founding member, singer and keyboardist of the Grateful Dead. McKernan died of gastrointestinal hemorrhage associated with alcoholism.

Dennis Boon (1958-1985): Boon was the lead singer and guitarist of a punk band Minutemen who died when he was lying down in the back of a van which swerved off road and he fell from the vehicle and broke his neck.

Alexander Bashlachev (1961-1988): He was a Russian rock musician, songwriter and poet who committed suicide by jumping from the window of the ninth floor of his apartment on Kuznetsova Avenue in Leningrad.

Les Harvey (1944-1972): Harvey was the guitarist of Stone the Crows. He was killed on stage when he was electrocuted by touching a microphone with wet hands.


  Of course there are also Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and Cobain.  The list goes on.  A lot of people are asking what is it that causes musicians to die at age 27.  Some think that they have nothing else to give.  Some think that fame was forced upon them.  Yet others have no sympathy and say the drug addicts deserved it.  Whatever your opinion may be, it is interesting that so many have not made it to age 28. 

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