C'mon Obama, Really?

I once filmed a speech by Barack Obama. It was during the campaign of 2008,  in Independence, IA, my hometown. How ironic a name of a city for that occasion. Obama talked a lot about independence, getting off our supply on foreign oil. Discussion swung towards ending the Iraq war. 4 years after his proclamations, and the US is still embedded there, like a stubborn tick. He also spoke about universal healthcare, more jobs, blah blah blah. He was telling us just what we wanted to hear. Hindsight is 20/20, but I was blind back then. I had the foolishness to believe Obama meant what he said. He was, and is, a masterful speaker. He stirred the last remnants of our flagging hope, and we all charged under his banner of progress.
    But it was all bullshit. Obama is just another Bush. My friend made an analogy to politics that I find apt: the democrats and republicans are like 2 heads from the same beast. They appear to be at odds, but in reality their motives branch from the same place. Jesse ventura once said that the dems and repubs are also like professional wrestlers: When they're in the spotlight, in front of the camera, they  look like arch enemies; but backstage they hang out together, and eat and drink at the same table.
    Guess what, folks? No one we elect will make the real changes needed for the little guy, every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Mary-Jane. If someone really did look like they might disrupt the status quo, that individual would be killed. Look what happened to JFK. I've got news for you, too: Ron Paul ain't gonna fix anything either. It's a politicians job to get elected. His second job is to payback all the constituents that helped them grab that political seat. Ron Paul is no exception.
    I snuck in my video camera to the fairgrounds, where Obama was set to speak. I convinced the campaign manager I was a form of local media, and had a blog where I would post the footage. They were somewhat wary of me, though, and later on I saw a secret service agent standing in front of me while I taped, watching me closely. He wasn't dressed in the telltale black suit. He had on civilian clothes, but I saw the earpiece he was wearing.
    I remember standing next to a CNN cameraman, and chatting with him briefly. For the hour or so that the future president spoke, I felt like I was part of a bigger perspective, one that encompassed the whole globe. While Obama talked, I actually got choked up at points. How idiotic I was. It was simplistic of me to believe our system could benefit the truly needy. It is all a game, one that I no longer wish to play a part in anymore. I do not vote. I do not caucus. It is a fool's errand, and a waste of my time.
    The bible says "trust not in the princes of the earth." I don't agree with everything in the bible, and I'm not here to preach, however, this is one statement that has truth in it. I'll leave you all to decide what path to take, as far as politics. But take it from me when I say that our system is built against us, not for us.
    Don't believe me? Just look at that speech I filmed. It's here on ebaumsworld:

Listen to what he said, and compare it to what he did. They are 2 separate things.
Just food for thought. Do with it what you will. I only mention it because Obama is up for reelection, and he's spouting the same lies as before. I don't know about you ,but I don't plan on being suckered again. Neither should you...
Uploaded 05/10/2012
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