Coincidence? i think not

so a few weeks ago i had a really random dream that my g/f broke up with me. i couldnt figure out why and what was even more weird was that in my dream i went and rented a log cabin(i guess cause i was depressed) and it just so happens that out of all people, Taylor Swift just happend to be renting the cabin too. i know its kinda weird but not happened between us. all we did was just talk, hangout and became good friends. lame isnt it lol. and before i had this dream, i never thought about her, let alone dream about her, i hardly knew who she was. so when i woke up i texted my g/f and told her about it and she got a kick outta it but now she hates Taylor Swift cause she thinks im in love with her lol so when i was driving to class that morning, i turned on the radio and they were talking about her, so i changed the station and what do you know, they were playing one of her songs. after my class, i went home and got on myspace and who do you think was on the home page? Taylor Swift. after i logged in, i was looking at what my friends had recently done to their profile and one of them had added one of Taylors songs to their profile. now this is starting to become more than a coincidence if you ask me. so then i logged in to facebook and the first thing i see is that someone had became a fan of Taylor Swift. then i turned on my tv and sure enough she being interviewed, so i change the channel and its an advertisement for her new CD that just came out. so later that day when i was work, i went in to the breakroom and sitting on the table was a magazine with Taylor Swift on the cover page( the one that had lauren conrad and hillary duff on it). after this i started to see less of all the Taylor stuff, untill yesterday when her new album "Fearless" was released, she has a song on there called "hey stephen"(which just happens to be my name FYI). i couldnt make this shit up even if i wanted to but i think its a little weird that all this stuff happend, and you have to admit, it is a little more that a coincidence.

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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