College or No College?

As my last semester is about to start I have thought to myself many times "was it worth it".  I mean I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars for a peice of paper that says I have a degree.  6 months after I am done with school I will more than likely still be looking for a job and being pounded in the ass by the government to pay them back when I will be broke and paying the minimum which will not even cover the intrest. 

Is it worth it?  I am not a A student because I just do not care about I hope to find a good job that pays well someday but I look back on all the experiences I have had in college when it comes to hooking up with the occassional girl, drinking beer and watching sports, chilling and not having a job basically all through college because again I just do not care.  Some people can say that I am lazy or unmotivated but really I just think I am trying to be young and enjoy and try to forget the inevitable.  What if I just graduated high school and started working at a factory and just made money and started my adult life young?  Would that have been smarter?  Or what if I took a year off after high school and tried to think of a brilliant idea and started a business up?  I don't know just some thoughts but fuck I hope I can get a decent job with a sports management degree and a marketing degree but I guess we will have to see. 

Kind of personal shit but if any of you guys have some input on college or what to do to succeed after college without getting railed by all the bills that would be good.  I look back on my college experience and have made a ton of friends, fucked a lot of shit up, gained a reputation with the girls and it is time to move on I think.  Time to get out of Minnesota.  The only real thing I have taken in while in college is the word "Networking".  I think networking is the key term for anything that a person wants to do.  The people you know is the way in to anything.  If you do not know people, well your pretty much fucked and you might as well work at Mc Donalds and even then to become a peice of shit manager you have to network a little.

Anyways, with all of that said I hope I can deify the odds of a ordinary college graduate and not get fucked by not finding a job and having the bills poor in.  Hopefully with all this being said, I can network with some people or just have people make fun of what I have just announced to complete strangers but I don't give a fuck.  Lets see what happens.  Night all!  Sorry for possible grammatical errors which I am sure are everywhere in this article.



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