College is the biggest scam on earth, at least in my eyes. Between professors who write books and then make you buy THEIR books for THEIR class and the fact you need to take bullshit classes to be a "well rounded student". Here are my reasons as to why the college system, is complete horse shit.

First off, and this is not necessarily a critique of college but more of something that pisses me off. When your teacher writes a textbook or even just a book and you need to buy THAT book for his class. Well, besides making a pretty comfortable living being a teacher, this asshole is now making even more money forcing people to buy his book. Although quite smart of the teacher, it is something that pisses me off because we should be buying the best textbook that is out there for the class we are taking, not buying our professors textbook so he could make money. Fuck teachers who do that to their students.

Second thing that pisses me off and this pisses me off more then when someone rolls a shit blunt, the fact that somebody majoring in accounting needs to take Art History and Anthropology. Accounting = numbers and banking shit. Art History and Anthropology = History of arts and study of bones and humans and other boring shit. Why the fuck does a future accountant need to know the evolutionary history of humans? Why does he also need to know about oil paintings? The answer; to be a well rounded student and person. Well that makes tons of sense i mean a year ago before i took these classes my friends and family were always discussing neanderthals and the difference between them and apes. I would always sit at family dinners wishing that i could join the conversation. Well now i could because im well fuckin rounded. As students we learned all that bullshit in high school that made us well rounded and shit, now we want to go to college to specialize in a certain area and get a job. We dont want to spend 4 fuckin years at school taking bullshit classes that have nothing to do with our major. We came to college to learn about our future job, not fucking art or bones. And nothing feels better then paying $700 for a bullshit class that youll never use again after the semester.

Third, why the fuck do we need 700 different building spread across miles and miles. Why the fuck cant there be just 1 or 2 or even 3 buildings where classrooms are located. No, they need 30,000 buildings, this way we could walk 900 miles a day going to class. When they came up with this genius theory of having a million buildings did they ever stop and think, "hey sometimes it down pours" or "Its below freezing and theres a blizzard outside". No. That thought must have never ran through their fucking heads. I dont know how fat people go to college because either A) your to fat to walk to each class and since most fat people are lazy they could not be bothered with all that fucking walking or B) they were fat but are now skinny because they walk about 20 marathons a day going to class.

The last thing i got for you is teachers who speak shit english. Nothing is worse then going to your class and finding out your teacher just got off the boat from china and knows 2 words of english. No and Yes. Do the people who hire teachers actually have a conversation with these assholes before hiring them? I guess not because all these fucking idiot teachers do is talk shit english that anybody who isnt also new to america from china doesnt understand. These teachers belong in china or dead. I prefer them dead then be teaching me but thats my opinion.

So fuck college, its just a place created by money hungry fucks and retards.

Uploaded 06/05/2009
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