combat and relationships, it makes me feel so alive

I was thinking today about something that was a big part of the relationship between my wife and I when we were about 18. When we were just friends long ago we used to spar alot. She had taken a number of self defense classes and I had been into tae kwon do for a number of years. I never held any reservations about fighting girls. it's the intention behind it that matters. don't get me wrong, I would never maliciously hit any human being or any animal for that matter, and I do not abuse my wife. alot of guys have a problem with fighting girls, but I think that's just nonsense that relegates them to an inferior position. We don't seriously try to hurt one another, and almost evry time we just end up havng sex in the middle of it, but I love to fight with her, both physically and verbally. To this day I start arguments just because I love to argue. The more I argue with someone usually the more I like them. I just ignore people I don't like. very few of my friends every figured that out. We've never had a serious argument in all the years we've been together. we've never seriously fought about anything. I wonder sometimes if this is because we fight for fun. I can't be the only one who does this. anyone else out there fight with thier mates?

Uploaded 07/06/2008
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