Come to Where It's At!

Hello eBaumers!
Your favourite gal is back on site. Shy (that's what I call her, because it's hot) and I have been rocking it big time at her new site. We mostly do stuff about fashion and share funny stories, not like all this political,  atheist and religion garbage you see here. Anyhow, if you want to join us just send me a private massage and if I think your cool I'll send you the link. If your not accepted don't take it personally, you just don't have the right stuff.

Now back to my incredible life working as a maid for the 1 percenters. Before I worked for them I was like, yea those rich people are greedy fat fucks and their wives are all like stuck up bitches and stuff. But now that I know them, they are not that bad. Sure they leave messes behind for me to clean, but they pay me real well in cash money, so it's all worth it. They leave a lot of tips around the house for me too. Like on their night stands or coffee tables and stuff. Every house is like an easter hunt for me. Why is there a squiggly line under easter? Oh well, stupid spell checker.

Oh by the way, did you guys know Shy is so rich and successful she can spend all day everyday rocking the internet even making way cooler sites than this one? I bet you guys had no idea she was so hot and what a treasure she is. I gotta go now, Shy wants me to log in at her site for some girly chat. Yea, I almost forgot, she's got a real chat channel, that can't be hacked. It's awesome.
kbaithx        Shy taught me that. Sweet!

Uploaded 01/21/2013
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