Coming to this Country

My Great Grand Parents on my Fathers side came to this Country over 100 years ago this time. An Italian and a German leaving their Countries for their own reasons on a packed ship sailing across the Atlantic towards freedom and the American Dream. I find it hard to put myself in their position, leaving all possessions and all you know behind not knowing what awaits you.

Millions of people came for the same thing they did and many dreams where made, but many broken. I still sometimes get the pleasure to hear of such stories and I imagine myself being a part of them. I'm thankful for the determination and faith they and all immigrants had when all was against them. It drives me to be better and never fail at what I do and I could never forget where I come from.

When I watch the news about the immigration problem and all those against immigration it makes me consider the migrants situation. Can we deny a humans right to freedom, democracy and the Great American Dream or does a time come that it is no longer possible to 'keep the doors open" for the better of the Country?

I have more to write but i'll wait on feedback?


I am Eastside
Uploaded 09/14/2011
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