Communist Regime

Hundreds of years ago, in the far land of China, a young and beautiful musician named Neko Chan was the most gorgeous Baumshell in the land. A lot of dorks envied Neko and called her vain and said mean things to her like "you put on weight!" when Neko Chan was very slim and didn't put on any extra weight. 

Anywho, the land was ruled by a tyrant named Pepper Pingpong. The emperor payed him and other governors a fortune to make sure the land is faring well. Pingpong was a lazy douche who didn't like to put any effort into his work. Instead, he liked to go on homosexual voyages with his lover Nyank. Pepper Pingpong was being payed for doing nothing. Nyank looked over the tributes the people gave to the Emperor for him. When one of the people left an interesting tribute, Nyank re-posted it under his name and got it featured on the Emperor's court. The person who posted the tribute before, got a notification that his tribute was a "Duplicate Media." Nobody knew what that was supposed to mean, but it didn't matter because not many people could read in China then.

Nyank shared his income from the court with his master. They also harassed the people they didn't like. Many people complained about Pepper Pingpong being a terrible governor and that people are getting harassed. He kept hiding the complaints about him and persecuted the ones who sent them.

Neko Chan was loved by almost everybody in the Empire. Some uneducated losers and attention whores attacked the beautiful musician and wordsmith, but they were the local feces. Neko Chan's kindness was legendary, so it was obvious that if people were in need, Neko Chan wouldn't let them down.

Neko Chan advised the people to send the complaints about the governors to their superiors, the royal secretaries. After the rumor that people can sent their complaints about Pepper Pingpong and his lover spread out, they ordered to arrest Neko Chan. There was a rebellion and the higher ups heard about the situation. Neko Chan was released from prison. Pepper Pingpong was sent to a working camp. Nyank died of AIDS after a few weeks. 

The moral of this story is: communist countries harass the people who dare to speak out against injustice. Lots of people are afraid to stand up against the regime, knowing they could be repressed too. But there's also many brave people who join the heroes in their fight
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