I believe I may have a problem. It all started the other day. I was basking in the sunlight, taking my mandatory afternoon snooze, when all of the sudden I was attacked! In moments the calm turned into a blur of battle cries, fur and motion. I took off (some would say in fear, I maintain it as a tactical retreat) only to hear the sounds of another behind me. I skidded into a wall. Alas, I am not a young kit anymore, and my front weapons had been removed for as long as I can remember. Again my attacker was upon me, hissing, writhing, I could do nothing. Just then a voice boomed and we ran to opposite corners. The feeders had broken up the fight. But why would Servine attack me in the first place? Was it out of boredom? Or was she attempting to knock me down as commander to take the top? Physically, she is superior. But mentally? I've seen cat toys show more intelligence. This could be a problem. To beat our captors, we must stand together, a united front. Conflict would delay the current plans underway to take our rightful place above the Feeders. For now, I will keep a distance, and watch her closely as I continue my work at causing a rift between Anna and the other one. It's brilliant really. Shower Anna with affection and hate to the other. It's a breeding ground of jealousy and frustration. Soon we will be victorious. Soon.
Uploaded 03/11/2011
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