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This is my (kind of) attempt to write a proper blog. Now, for starters, I am fully aware that my writing ability is far from anything you would consider good. Yeah, I used the word good as a joke, sorry it wasn't funny.

Any-fucking-way, as you can see, my blog is about; Computer/Console Games. Something I have been (and still am) quite a geek about. I love's me's my's games. Yet, I feel disillusioned, as of late.

It seems that graphics somehow make games developers, and the idiot public, think a game is good. Then we have the whole - unlimited continues, save points, saves, games designers wanting be movie directors (ahem, Metal Gear Solid, anyone?) "thing" going on. To me, it seems like the challenge has gone. 

Of course there is exceptions about which games are still truly innovative , there is always an exception to the rule. I could list them, but I'd like any of you to let me know.

So, I find myself playing these simplistic games, that actually require(d) skill and a fucking lot of patience. Here is a few.

Word Chain Plus - 
Blast Billiards 2008 - 
Pacman -

V Simple but fun game V
Bloody Penguin -
Uploaded 11/10/2010
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