I thought I would write this one as my true profile. Yes I have two. My other one is none other than FadeToBlack67. I like to think of that profile as my darker side (fade to black, get it?) I wanted to try a little social experiment. And, well, I was a little shocked as to what happened. But even more so, I was surprised by the people that defended me. Or at least the idea that I put out there/brought up. That is why I chose Tyler Durden and talked about ideas. Because ideas make a difference. Anyway, it made me realize that there are alot of reasonable and good eBaum's users out there. And, although we may disagree, I also apologize to creepingjennie for putting this upon her. She didn't deserve that. And I am sorry. So, there, I said it. I am also comment banned. And maybe my profile will be deleted. I don't know. But I know this. That my little experiment proved one thing, at least. That there ARE smart users out there, and it wouldn't hurt to take their advice every now and then. I'm talking to the moderators. Respectfully. Hahahaha. Thank you, and go spread a little.......Logic. ;)

Uploaded 07/26/2008
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