Confessions of a closet Democrat.......

I am going to vote a straight Democratic ticket this next election, and that is not new I voted a straight party ticket the last election. Oh yea I voted Republican, forgot to mention that. Thing is I consider myself a Democrat not what we have now but still a Democrat and most of my family can see right into my soul and know that I would rather help people than help a rich business man   cut to my favorite "never had a poor man give me job" well guess what the rich ones arent either.


I have frigging had it with the politicians playing with our lives, now they (republicans) have seen to it that the unemployment extensions were cut, SHUT THE HELL UP IF YOU TRY TO TELL ME IT WASNT THEM, IT FUCKING WAS!!!!!!! NOW BEFORE YOU JUMP ON THE "YOU JUST WANT YOUR CHECK BULLSHIT". I dont get unemployment but the American people who are laid off do. How long should people be able to stay on unemployment? Until you fix the problem and stop playing politics with people's lives. It amazes me that people are surprised that groups like the tea party have popped up. I bought my 4th handgun, we are heading to great happening in this country and dont think we arent. How do I know? well hell must have frozen over because that was when I would vote democrat again. I would not change my last vote and when Obama runs again I will NOT vote for him again. NEVER in my lifetime have I seen a man do so little and get so much attention and HE HAS DONE NOTHING! oh yea the Nobel the so deserved award.


Goodbye Republicans and when you dont have a job either remember why, you cant starve people and expect to keep your job.   Damn that felt good


   Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 07/09/2010
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