Confessions of a Sinister Mind

   Greetings and salutations my good friends of EBW.  I have to get something off my chest for selfish and self seeking reasons.  Several people have brought to my attention the use of some of my characters in other people's blogs.  This is especially true in the last few blogs from HunterSJonz.  Well, HunterSJonz is me.  TADA!

   I made up this alias a month or so ago.  I intended to use it for an alternate writing style...the Gonzo writing style made famous by Hunter S Thompson.  His writing has always been a favorite of mine.  So I thought I'd give that style a try.  I didn't want to write in this style under Doc G because I wanted to see if these blogs could stand on their own.  EPIC FAIL.  LOL.  I did get a few good comments (thanks SJG, Major, Jaces), but mostly no one read these blogs.  So I got my answer.

   Now the unintentional outcome of the HunterSJonz blogs has been the introduction and demise of my Roman and Charlie characters.  If you are a fan of my "Charlie" blogs, please read the last three HunterSJonz blogs.  They detail the rise and fall of Roman and introduce a new hero/villain/romantic.  I did not set out to do this.  However, a Fight Club like mentality set in while writing this saga (there are even Fight Club references) and Doc G lost control.  HunterSJonz became my Tyler Durden and he destroyed something beautiful.  LOL.  I suppose they were just names.  The saga has time shifts back and forth quite a bit.  Hopefully, it's readable.  Like I said, I had no idea where this was going when I started.  So, in order to explain certain things, the space/time continuum had to be manipulated.

   Last but not least.  I owe a sincere apology to CBear.  HunterSJonz and he had a bit of a comment war going and things were said.  This was only a smoke screen to keep up the secret for a few more days.  I hope there are no ill feelings were another Charlie left in Roman's wake.  HAHA.  Just kidding brother, you know I luv ya.

  HunterSJonz will probably go dormant for awhile.  I want to get back to Doc G style blogs.  He might be back at some point in time to "torment you goddamn animals."

Thanks for reading,



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