Conflict Resolution, Pre-Faggotry

In my day, men were men and women were damn happy about it.
There were rules in how we resolved conflicts. Like you didn't hit a girl, of course girls were lady like back then so it wasn't a huge problem. You didn't hit a man or another boy when he was down and kicking was made fun of.

If you broke the rules all the other kids would ostracize you and smarten you up real quick. Fathers, brothers, sisters and yes even mothers taught you to stand up to bullies and punch them in the nose. This was  very effective and children quickly resolved their own conflicts.

This idea of conflict resolution has been quickly eroded by the zero tolerance rule. Within this rule the protagonist as well as the antagonist are  equally held responsible and punished in the same way. I think this ideology is for numb skulls, but apparently, my wife assures me I am a Neanderthal  and less evolved for thinking this way. I actually had a female high school principal tell me that  I was less evolved because I preferred boys solve their own disputes after my son punched a bully and ended the problem. She thought he should have complained to a teacher, which he did for a week before he came to me, to resolve the situation.  I told him to punch him in the nose once and it would be over. No more sneaking out the back door or trying to avoid him.

Of course, it worked like a charm and now the two boys are friends.  These types of lessons were taught to us not only through family but in television shows. One such show was , The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Watch this quick scene with a very young Jodie Foster and compare it with the norms of today.

Yes that is Bill Bixby, the original Hulk. I love how the Japanese housekeeper is named Mrs. Livingstone.

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