Conflicts of A Teenage Drunk

Now that I have your attention I would like to state some facts. I have been caught smoking marijuana, pierced my left ear under direct commands not to and have been caught drinking twice. I am proud of none of these, yet they define me.

Due to my latest... situation, I am currently grounded for 1 month. While i actually took no part in the drinking i supplied enough for a good sized party. During said party, which was held in my basement, I felt the urge to use the rest room. I voyaged the stairs, turned the corner and found my destination. After using the facilities I was called into my living room by my awaiting and slightly aggravated parents. Now my mother, is not intimidating at all and she is the lest of my problems. However my father, the true disciplinary of the house hold has a great image of me being a great up standing man when all I want to do is relax for the remainder of my teen years.

Now hate is a very strong word. It can change things. It has changed things. I can firmly say i feel hate for my parents but I do not hate them. But that is irrelevant. After a firm talking to I feel out my options and decide for once honesty is the way to go. I admit there are some drinks going around and I proceed to transend the staircase between my basement and ground floor. I emerge with one of the several Eco-bottles filled with a quarter of rum. I hand it over and accept the consequences, I return to my party and enjoy the rest of the night until tonight when we have a little talk.

In such a society in which honesty is supposed to be rewarded and encouraged, I didn't get shit. Now for my honesty I am actually grounded for a month. I don't want to sound like a little annoying twat when I say this but this is fucking bullshit. How is anyone supposed to learn anything when our most encouraged qualities are punished.

Maybe I should go out and try crack and then be honest about that. Wonder how that will go. I guess next time I should just lie, they truly had nothing on me but.... hey, hind sight is 20/20 right? Oh and for the record, I am no drunk


Im Life, and I need something to do for a month. Any suggestions?

Uploaded 01/03/2009
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