Congratulations Tyaeda!

I was pleased to see Tyaeda won best blogger of 2010, she certainly had a lot to say. :)
Ty is always available to share her point of view on any subject, regardless of complexity and her expertise. She expresses herself without fear of ridicule and she certainly gets a lot of that.

Ty is like the alpha female in Ebaums blog site. Rarely does another female enter here without a tussle from this kitten. Whenever another female treads on her territory, talons are extended, fangs revealed, back arched and hissy fits entangle.

Some consider Ty to be hippy dippy. Being a late child of that generation I have to agree. Ty is definitely hippy dippy. This attitude or perspective is not good in a fight or a good way to make money, but it is considerate of others and the world. Peace dude!

Ty is also a Canadian citizen which gives her an advantage. According to studies one Canadian has the physical strength of ten Americans. Darwin recorded this unusual fact but due to politically correct indoctrination it was covered up by the CIA.

Once in a while TY and I engage in private conversations. After some time I notice we are having separate conversations, but somehow still following each others thoughts. Rather unusual for me as a male, apparently par for the course for a female.

Here is to Tyeada!!! Blogger of 2010!
Uploaded 11/17/2010
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