Console War

I know this debate rages on all over the internet so I began to wonder what the people at ebaumsworld would say. Which is better? The Wii? The Xbox 360? The PS3?

Personally i Believe it's the Wii.

The 360 has solid base as well as a library of great games as well as a great online service. It does however has its faults such as the "Red Rings of Death."

The Wii is the innovator and the bar for future consoles. I believe the consoles will have much more player/console interatation. The Wii has some giants in its library such as Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, and Prime 3. It's online games are few and far between and the connection is lack luster at times but its is getting smoother. The virtual console is a great addition...its been so long since i played star fox 64.

The me....Junk. It has graphics yea....but how many good games actually come to it, that are exclusive? It lost GTA and Assassins Creed. Rachet and Clank i believe won't stay exclusive for long.

So ebaums users...whats your opinion? Is the 360 all that? Do you think the Wii will innovate future generations? Is the PS3 a nice looking pile a scrap?

Uploaded 06/02/2008
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