Conspiracy or Societal Degeneration?

A well repeated argument against the possibility of  large scale conspiracies is, how can thousands of people be part of it and no one comes forward to reveal the conspiracy? There are plenty of possibilities here. Usually, in most organizations, when something illegal or immoral occurs, someone does come forward. These people are usually described as whistle blowers. Over time they are usually  ostracized, called crazy and eventually fired. Some of the luckier ones are paid to be quiet. The most persistent ones have their careers ruined and their health put at risk under the strain of trying to do the right thing.

Another possibility, would be the need of those individuals to pay their mortgage and or bills. If a person faces the reality of a situation it could upset their life. The saying, "can you look at yourself in the mirror every morning" is an important one because it is probably answered by a resounding "no" by many people.

However, I have another idea of how illegal, unjust, unethical and immoral acts or conspiracies are carried out with thousands of people knowingly or unknowingly participating.
It is simply a societal degeneration. We have allowed our laws and our culture to degenerate into  money powered organisms instead of a morally driven humanity. Laws are written and interpreted by the biggest checkbook or the biggest gun. Culture is taken from those with the most expensive cars and the sexiest looks. Culture used to be created out of  inner thought, deep introspection and self expression. Our existing culture is a thin veneer that can be easily broken.

In the video I present here, two disturbing facts are revealed. First it shows how government and industry can work together, ( conspire?) to pass questionable products. Secondly, how truth has been ignored as an integral part of law and society.

In case the video doesn't load, here is the link:

Uploaded 01/22/2011
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