Conspiracy Theory - November 6th, 2010

Well, browsing some of my paranormal / conspiracy sites and I come across this little gem.

(and I suck, cause I can't get the video to embed - ITS A FUCKING CONSPIRACY - could admin embed it for me?)

Is there going to be a false flag nuclear explosion on November 6 2010? It might be predicted by Hollywood, in the Simpsons, of all places. Does hollywood have elite insiders with knowledge of what they have planned for the world? If it happens, remember not to believe the lie the news tells you about who did it and why.

I am aware that it might be a stretch to say that the clock frame is the number 10. It's possible that it isn't, so the date could actually be 6/11 or 11/6 on any of the upcoming years.

I love my conspiracy theories, especially these kinds.  Does this mean I won't have to go to work next week?

Just for fun, go to this site and type in your residence, then NUKE IT.

Funny fact to think about:

"Did you know there are 3,000 people going with the president on his 10 day trip to India tomorrow -- including 200 of the country's top CEO's? Why does he need *40* planes and *6* armored cars? It's only costing us taxpayers $200 million a DAY for these 10 days. No big deal, right? I am also wondering why, at the last minute, he decided to take his children along? To an economic summit?

Your thoughts people?  (inb4 nutty tin foil hat, I know I got it on right now)

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