So apparently every disaster, accident, uprising, coup, and failed cheezeburger is all a plan by our government or the worldwide illuminati to gain control, confuse, anger, and scare the people into easier manipulation.  I know that there are plenty of black ops and "supertopsecret" missions carried out by many countries and nato but the fucking frankenstorm was made by HAARP?  To disrupt the elections?  HAHAHA fucking morons, we don't even vote for the pres, we put in an opinion that is filed, analyzed (weakly) than the ELECTORAL COLLEGE decides who wins and loses.  By my observation they do not hide the fact that we cannot decide the commander in chief, instead they use the're hands like magicians.  Everything is out there to see, they just distract you.  So...  The storm and the media focus IS a tool of distraction, but in no way did any government make a storm of that size to disrupt millions of peoples lives, cost billions of dollars, just to put a mormon or a muslim in office.  The media IS the distraction.  Its hard to even have conversations about anything put out by the news because it seems to be a thinly veiled deception technique that works on a good portion of the populations of the world.  The shit ass movie The Innocence of the Muslim, didn't cause the fighting in the middle east to get any worse.  The media/government just seen a good opportunity to move eyes away from many mistakes and lies including The Fast and Furious weapons "lost" to the cartels.  Look, the way I see it, and I don't care if you agree, like, hate, think I am just some pawn, think I am stupid, or what ever else you think.  Society has been around a lot longer than religion likes to admit.  The tactics and procedures used are tested.  Who better to police an uneducated population than themselves?  Give the ghettos guns and crack, exploit gangs and territorial violence, keep our cops off the streets and let them kill each other.  Give the cartel's guns and access to drugs, keep mexico, africa, south america, and pretty much most of the world hungry and bickering among themselves to keep the peace of the rest.  I don't buy into the conspiracy crap on a lot of things, but I do know that these governments are huge corporate businesses who care about the bottom line more than the people.  We die, money perpetuates, and with enough money and influence, the digressions of said leaders can be hidden and forgotten.  I love my country, love my people, but I distrust a system based on numbers, deadlines, and blatant manipulation for personal gain rather than the betterment of all.  
So there it is, I think the first blog I posted on here not bashing on azn or the mods.  This is part of what I think, not the full idea and it changes.  No disrespect or trolling on this one, just an opinion.  Grammer troll all you wan't but know that if you wen't to college, you are probably in a lot more debt than me.
Mr. Mustaid
Uploaded 10/30/2012
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