Contest time

So while I was relaxing with a beer and watching some boxing I had a fantastic idea.  This happens fairly frequently because I am a man, after all.  MrsNekoJeans, being your typical attention starved woman, had apparently initiated a contest where participants could draw a picture of her and she was going to judge them all and declare a winner.

Like any other idea conceived by a woman, that's boring as shit and fucking retarded to boot.  So I'm initiating my own contest of sorts.  I want all of you to transpose MrsNekoJeans face onto a pornographic picture, or draw one of your own and use her face on it.  There will be three separate categories and when you post a link to your submission in the comments be sure to indicate which category you're entering your submission in.  The categories are:

1.  Solo   Any still shot of a woman posing nude with MrsNekoJeans head.  Be as tastefull or vulgar as you want, but the better the quality of the transposition the more likely you'll win.

2.  2 or more  Be it with a single partner of either gender or a whole swarm of dudes blowing their loads on her face, find a picture of a girl with at least one partner or more and put MrsNekoJeans's face on her.  As in the previous category, we're looking for quality of transposition.

3.  Humor  Most self-drawn pictures will likely fall in to this category, as the quality of transposition isn't as important as how funny it is.  A girl getting plowed by a clown from behind with MrsNekoJeans face would fall into this category.  That shit is hilarious.

As far as guidelines go let's be sure to adhere to the rules of eBaumsWorld.  Keep it in the mature section, and follow any uploading guidelines you have to.  We don't want to create more work for the mods.  If you need her avatar, just look around the blog section for one of her retarded blogs or comments I'm sure you'll be able to find one.  Being a typical woman she thrives on the attention of men and will do absolutely anything she has to to get it including being an annoying bitch.  But I digress.

Post a link to your submission in the comments and like I said be sure to indicate which category you are entering in.  You can enter as many times as you like and in as many categories as you like, and I will pick the winner for each category.  Since others like myself have an actual life I'll set the submission deadline for next Tuesday night which gives you the weekend to spend at your leisure then come up with an idea Monday at work.  Good luck and may the best man win!
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