Cooking With Neko: Oriental Food

Ohayou, guys! It's me, Neko Ph.D, world class therapist and gourmet chef. Today we'll be making oriental food. But the first thing you'll have to know is - there's different types of oriental kitchen.
Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai... to only name a few.

How to tell them apart? It's sometimes simple and sometimes very hard. When you start to prepare the meal, ask the person taking your order what the menu is. If they reply in Japanese, i means that Today you're making Japanese food. It's also good when they answer you in English, because you can ask what kind of cuisine you are making. The problem is when they reply in an unidentified language. Then you'll just have to guess you're making Chinese food, cause they are the most numerable nation and the chances that you've guessed right are pretty high.

Okay, here's the recipe: you're going to need:

1x telephone

1x phone number to the restaurant

100ml of vodka

You may drink the vodka now. Dial the number and wait until somebody picks up. Cooking oriental food has much to do with your hearing skills. If you can understand what the person says to you, it means you have a talent for making oriental food. If the person taking your order speaks perfect English, you might wanna hang up. It's just not the same You're pretty much boiling eggs this way. And we want to make quality food that takes patience and skill to make, right? That's how world class chefs roll.

May the flour be with you!

Uploaded 06/21/2011
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