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So I wanted to share with you a few websites that are interesting and I like to go there. Here we go yo - thats the ultimate source of funny clips and recent events lol heres where you can see cats and tornados and sexy clips if you into that lol - goes without saying lol the site where you can watch awesome cars - this is where you socialize with yo buddies and post your pics. If you don't have an account yet be sure to make one bacause you know what they say you dont have a life if youre not on facebook lol if you never been there in short its where you put your photos and comment on what your friends do basicly you can meet coool chick on facebook too lolĀ - one of the worlds best rappers 50 cent has his own website check it for updates on concerts
Yo yo yo yo! you know I couldn't mss lol it's where theres funny clips like on youtube but theres also funny pics and galleries blogs you can read from people and lots of interesting reading on many subjects. later bloggers
Uploaded 07/31/2011
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