Coping with Xbox 360's famous RroD

    This is not a blog on my day, politics, a story, bringing back a fellow user, or even a hate blog. This is vital information on violent disease that ruins the life of people everyday. Well for a bit atleast. I am talking of course of the oh so dreaded red ring of death.

    You maybe saying " Well this doesn't consurn me." That is were you are wrong and must pay very close attention to this.

     The Red Ring of death is a very serious matter. It can and will fined your xbox and ruin your wonderful time. It is a hardware failiure in the core of an xbox that can't be fixed by hitting it. Yes i know its that bad.

     It has happened to me twice now and it sent me into a state of chronic bored-dom and depression. I haven't yet found a good way to cope with it but here is a list of dos and don'ts.

Do Not think wii or ps3 will give you the cure they will just piss you off at how terrible they are compared to the Xbox 360.

Do find a Nintendo 64, a dark basement, blankets, and play some good old not corrupt fun. Some games I recommend from close experience are Excite Bike, any of the Mario Parties, and/or Star Fox.

Do Not watch t.v. It sucks they haven't made anything new in ages.

Do watch season 11 of South Park. Good shit right there.

    The RroD is a very serious matter and a force not to be reckoned with. If you or a loved on become infected just break down and cry.

Uploaded 09/07/2008
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