Countless blessings,shitting upons,and ramblings.I can feel it

                           Where to start I'm not real sure of. I don't normally right blogs on here (and thank God for that.) I kinda keep stuff inside and believe me the  stuff that bounces in mildly brain damaged mind to myself and a half decent therapist that offers me tea and something to snack on.

                          I have to warn you the readers of this I might get graphic,but I'll try not to.

I'm a injured combat vet that played in the big sand box. I know some of you don't probably won't like that, but I did what I was told to do even if I didn't like it I did it. You could say I'm not a big fan of some of the stuff I did but it was my job and I didn't want put behind bars for disobeying orders. This is not a I hate the military rant either I have to make that clear as well. I've experienced a lot of positive things as well as the not so good stuff. I still have friends in the military some of them I never served my 5 years,11 months,and 8 days with as a sworn soldier with. A lot of these guys I've met through an organization my best friend and I got thought up and started. Which is nice to branch out and meet new people.

                          I have brought in new members with new Ideas for different causes like cancer research and The National Rifle Association. I'm proud of our members and the brother hood they have created,but I don't speak a word of it to co-workers and to my family. It's not that I'm ashamed of it in any shape or form,but it was a hunting club at first and is now basicly a hunting club on motorcycles that's members mainly consist of active duty military,vets,law enforcement,store managers,and a doctor.(I don't know how the doctor came about in this picture.)

                         I know what you're thinking this is a 1% club because of not mentioning it to people openly but I assure you it's not like that atleast right now and I hope it doesn't turn into anything bad in the future. I'm probably the worst of the bunch and I'm pretty docile with all the opiates and sedatives I've got in my bloodstream as long as I'm not backed into a corner if that happens Lord have mercey upon that individiual or group because I will use anything and everything to secure the survival of myself,family,friends and my land. I had to throw land in because it's also a couple sources of income for my family. It's leased to local farmer's to raise corn and hay on and it also has a main vain of  natural gas on which we collect royalties on.

                    This is why today I'm so happy because I've had a monkey on my back for awhile now. I've finally got rid of the mother of my child for the last time. No I didn't kill her or have someone do it for me. I've sent her packing with her tail between legs and she wil leave me and my daughter alone for good. She was nothing but a money grubbing whore to me. I wish her the best of luck and I truly feel sorry for the next man that comes in her life because I've downright spoiled her and her daughter that she had before I met her. She will have to learn to live off of whatever she makes because I'm done with her and she has signed off custody of our daughter. Thank God for my lawyer he has gotten my ass out of sling a couple times. Well I've went on about me long enough. It's time for me to try get on with my life and try to count my blessing that I'm alive and almost well now. I've undergone a lot of surgery and therapy throughout my life and almost consider myself almost a human being. My scars are mainly on the inside now and with each coming day they don't look as bad. The sun upon my face seems welcomed today. I hope all of you are granted the same feeling I have right now. And if it doesn't come today may it come one day for you.


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