Courtney Love MURDERED Kurt Cobain

I've been convinced, and now am positive, that that skank whore Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain.  I've been researching pretty consistently, just in my spare time etc., the facts surrounding his supposed suicide, and way to many things just don't add up.  Lemme lay it out for you people.

Here's some facts that I've come across that may open up some of your eyes.

1. The coroner who pronounced Kurt's death a suicide and who had final say in the medical aspects of the investigation was an old friend of Courtney's and used to party with her.

2. Kurt OD'd in Rome in 1994. All reports - which were known exclusively through Courtney - said that it had been accidental. They hadn't seen each other for a while and although he had been taking prescription Xanax, they also stupidly had some champagne to celebrate being together. Courtney was emphatic that it was "Not a suicide attempt" and continued to tell this same story until his death. After he died, Courtney told the press this had actually been a suicide attempt. This PR move backfired when friends and family blasted the hell out of her and said if this was true why hadn't she mentioned it before - so they could have protected and watched him, gotten him help? Talked to him about it? Why had he said anything but that it had been a stupid accident? This statement from Courtney was the sole reason that anyone, ever, was of the "belief" that Kurt had tried to kill himself before or was "suicidal".

3. NO FINGERPRINTS were found on the shotgun that Kurt supposedly used to shoot himself in the head. There were 4 "latent prints" too faint and smudged to be of any use. Cops said this seemed to look as if someone wiped off the prints that had been there. Surely a man who just blew his head off can't pause to wipe a gun down. But it gets better - the gun wasn't even checked for fingerprints until one month after the "Suicide", on the request of Tom Green. If the gun was handled carefully by police so as not to add prints to it, there'd at least be Kurt's prints on it. If they didn't handle it carefully, it'd be full of prints from all the people who'd touched it. Why was it clean?

        a) No fingerprints at all were found on the box of shells for the gun, which were next to Kurt's body. Three shells were loaded from the box of 25 - why would Kurt load 3 shells if he was planning to kill himself? Doesn't one do it? It was said Kurt bought the gun for home protection, and it's suggested you put 3 bullets in a gun if it's kept for that purpose.

        b) No fingerprints at all were found on the pen Kurt supposedly used to write his "suicide note".

4. (Probably the biggest one of them all) The suicide note has been determined by two internationally known hand writing experts to be of two different handwritings. The "original" letter written by Kurt had nothing at all in it about suicide. It was a known fact that Kurt wanted to quit the Rock Business and he was fed up with his marriage to the abusive psycho Courtney. His written portion of the letter reads as such; merely a reflection and thoughts about how fed up he was, how he felt he was letting his fans down, being a phony by trying to stick with it and had decided, tho he felt guilty, to quit the whole thing.

         a) The parts added to the note are the only sections that would make this note go into "a suicide note" mode. At the top of the note is written "Boddah" in this 2nd handwriting. At the bottom of the letter AFTER Kurt's signature are added four lines that put the 'suicide' ring to it, add some parting desperation and an added "'goodbye".

         b) It was also reported by police that a "second suicide note" was found stuck into a bowl of flower bulbs by the door of the greenhouse. This one was addressed to Courtney and a name that was blacked out by police. It was signed "Kurt Colbain". Police said this misspelling of his own name was of "no significance" nor was the oddity of two "Suicide notes". This second one has never made public. The first one was made very public by Courtney who read it to crowds of Kurt's fans, weeping and swearing over it, and Kurt for leaving her.  Courtney Love received her first film role one month after the first time she read the note for a crowd of Kurt's fan.  Convenient.

5.  According to the police reports and a description of the scene of the crime, Kurt was believed to have injected himself with a lethal overdose of heroine BEFORE shooting himself.  A box of heroine use paraphenalia was found next to Kurt's body when he was discovered.  NO FINGERPRINTS were found on anything in the box, or on the box itself.

       b) Canadian Chemist Roger Lewis did an analysis of the dosage of the heroine which Cobain had supposedly injected himself with prior to shooting himself.  He said that "due to the fact that heroine immediately dissolves to morphine once coming in contact with the blood stream, the dosage Mr. Cobain supposedly injected himself with would have either killed him or sent him into a coma almost immediately."  There was no WAY Kurt injected himself with that much heroine and then was able to shoot himself.  He would have been immediately comatosed, or more likely, dead before he ever reached the gun.  Dead men don't pull triggers, as they say.  This information was suppressed by the local police and never acknowledged.


Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide.  Far more inconsistencies exist than just these, this is just a small list of some of the more blatent ones.  His case was never re-opened for investigation despite specific requests by his family to do so.  That bitch Courtney Love literally got away with murder, and now is sitting on the millions of dollars that an actual musician, and one of the most talented of our age, created.  Kurt never wanted the limelight, he wanted to be an artist and to express his feelings through his music.  He was stripped of that in his prime because Courtney Love is a greedy cunt who wanted his money, no matter how she had to do it.


Disagree in the comments section if you want, but if you really don't think she killed him, you're an idiot, and you're wrong.  Look into the facts, that bitch should be hung.


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