I was watching the television the other day, specifically the news and something struck me as odd. How much British news airtime is spent covering the US presidential election.

Now fair enough, the race to be the most (arguably) powerful single being in the world warrants a certain amount of time being spent discussing the topic on the news. The amount of time it does recieve however is (in my opinion) a bit excessive, it is literally the first news item shown every day and gets a 5-10 minute slot in a 30 minute programme. Fair enough you might say, if it is a slow day for news or something particularly interesting has taken place in the campaigns, but this is not the case, there is plenty of very important economical news to report on, which should trump Palin's visit to a retirement home in Ohio or whatever she chooses to do now.

With all the coverage we are getting over here, on this side of the pond, i am getting to know a bit about the candidates, their vice-henchmen/women etc. Which made me think, do Americans know the British candidates? When Gordon Ramsay was voted the most influential person in the UK, i am guessing not.

So please America prove me wrong, who are these people?





Uploaded 10/26/2008
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