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Holy Water/Oil With Cross on Top - $15

Date:2009-07-21, 8:33AM EDT

Holy water bottle Has a cross on the cap. Long 3".515 Dia .620" Also has option to engrave holy water/oil $1 extra to engrave has oring to seal It is also available for personal use, it was pious custom for Catholic homes to obtain this water as a sign of joyous renewal on Easter Sunday. Will make a very nice gift for male or female, also is a good souvenir for babies baptism have the water of their baptism, good for priests when they have emergency service, also has a cross in the front, this is stainless steel don't rust or stain. Will last your life time This item is very special, as you can fill it with holy water and bless yourself or your love ones, before prayer leave the home or sleep Should you purchase more than one item we combine shipping, we do calculator shipping Payments: Paypal This item ships worldwide-Insurance is advised on all items, in case of lost or stolen or damage, a replacement or return can then be given. We do fast shipping Also you can leave on your key holder Wrote:

Hey, I am interested in purchasing your Holy Water Bottle. How can I be assured that the water inside is real Holy Water? Please respond promptly. W3

Poster Replied:

Yes, this is realy holy water from Santa Anna Church in Fall River Mass, we don't like to play with real things. Wrote:

Ok, one more question. Will the water protect me from evil? It's one thing to have water from a church It's another to have actual Holy Water. W3

Poster Replied:

From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again, they also fleet from the 'Cross, but return; so holy water must have great virtue. Wrote:

I'm going to bring the Holy Water along on my trip to Louisiana, I could use it to deter hellspawn like those fucking blood sucking Vamps. How do I make a proper order? I'll take 4, one for each member of my family. Thank you for your help.

Poster Replied:

The bottles is $15.00 each 4 is $60 plus $5.99 for shipping you only pay for one bottle shipping, the total is $65.99 Thank you

END TRANSMISSION: hey gang, had this kicking around so I figured I'd share. You might notice the titles a bit different, I'll be using it from now on as I feel its a bit more universal. I've been responding to a tun of personals, lost and found and just sales ads along with the usaual items wanted stuff. I got real silly this time on account of my recent addiction: True Blood. Anna Paquin is so fucking hot! All I wanna do is watch this show. Have any of you been watching? W3  

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