Crazy ass night.

So yesterday was a bit of a hectic day for me. First, I had a garbage bad full of clothes that I was planning on selling to Plato's Closet to get a few bucks on so we can pay some shit off and maybe buy a little weed. Well, it turns out that no matter how good of condition my clothes are in, they denied my whole fucking bag of clothes because they weren't "brand name". Fucking bullshit, I say. There was some REALLY nice stuff in there! And it didn't help that the register girl with hot pink hair was a complete snotty cunt about it, either. Fuckin' bitch. So yeah, no money.
Later on, my good friend Roland texts me asking if Nick and I wanna chill and smoke some legal synthetic marijuana he got from a smoke shop. (I've been trying to cut back/stop smoking actual weed for a bit because I'm looking for a job)So we pick him up in Nick's loud ass, shitty, uninsured car because I didn't have enough gas in my car and we head to a place called The Pits.
The Pits is a huge open area, deep in the woods by a park in my town where kids usually go to have a bonfire, smoke and party. We walk through the path in the woods and get to our usual spot on the top of a hill with trees surrounding us where we usually have our fire. We try to make a bonfire, but it fails miserably, so we decide to just smoke a couple bowls up there anyways, chat about various things, and head out before it gets too cold.
After The Pits, we decide to go back to my place to chill for a bit, when we see a cop going the opposite direction, turn around and follow us. We have my bowl in the car, so I get kinda freaked out and hide it deep under my seat. The cop follows us for a couple of miles until we're a few blocks away from my house when she flashes her lights and pulls us over. In our heads, we're all pretty much freaked out, or at least I am. The cop does her regular "license and registration please" crap, and ends up taking all of our info stuff. When she takes my ticket (I got a speeding ticket a while back) she claims it absolutely reeks of weed. So she takes our info, goes back to her car and does her thing while Nick, Roland and I sit in the car, silently freaking out to ourselves.
Eventually, another cop car drives by and there was another female cop, and a male cop. Nick is asked to get out of the car, and he gets frisked and asked a bunch of questions like "what are you doing out this late? Where were you just at? Why does it smell like marijuana? Look kid, we KNOW you have SOMETHING in there. You might as well just tell us now so we can get this over with." And then they ask me to get out, next. I get my frisking cherry popped, and then asked the same questions. And of course, the first thing the male cops asks me is "Did that hurt???" (about my bridge) and I distract him for a bit with my facial and ear piercings. Soon the subject was changed again and we all denied anything about having pot (which WAS true) but in the back of my head I was still a little freaked out about my bowl under the seat. So then Roland is frisked, and we all stand and talk to the douchy male cop with terrible gap tooth as they search the car. They found Roland's legal weed in his pocket and the male cop opens and smells it, saying "yep, this is definitely weed. Smells just like it. I've got a nose for this kind of thing. Yep." And then the other female cop smells it and says to him "Uh, this isn't weed. It smells like cigar stuff. Is this K2?" (directed at me) "No, K2 is illegal." I said. "You're RIGHT it's illegal" says the female cop replied. Fuckin' bitch. 
So they continue to search the car, and then eventually tell us we can get back in.All they ended up doing is giving Nick a citation for no insurance, and before letting us go, the first female cop says "Ya know, we really do appreciate honestly and cooperation. It's just makes things a lot less difficult." Yeah, well you didn't find shit and we were honest about everything else, so fuck you. 
They never found my bowl, and then we continued on our way to my house to smoke the rest of our legal substance and play some super smash bros. 

tl;drGot pulled over by some cops, frisked and interrogated and they claimed we smelled like weed while my bowl was hidden in the car, they searched the car, and still aint got shit on us.
Uploaded 03/15/2011
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