crazy bitch with eight babies

This leech on society is pissing me the fuck off.  The doctors that did the invitro fertilization should have their licenses reviewed.  How is she going to pay for her kids?  Shes not, I am, and so are you.  She is going to end up on government support and get a free ride.  On the news they are suggesting that she could get a reality TV show like john and kate plus 8.  I would be so pissed off if someone produces that show.  Just flipping through the program guide and seeing her show scheduled would piss me off.  She cant afford the kids she has, she shouldnt have been allowed to have more.  Most of this country works to provide for their family, welfare and government assistance is a fucking disgrace.  I am all for people getting short term assistance when they lose their job.  But when cashing a government check becomes a career the flag should go up that there is a problem in the system.  Want a raise in your check?  Have another kid!This country has lost its fucking mind.  Im going to start looking for a new one that has some balls, and move there.

Uploaded 02/10/2009
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