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I watched two seasons of Frasier, so that makes me the foremost expert on psychology on eBaum's World.  Well, that and spending so many years in psychiatrist's offices that I ended up counseling the psychiatrists.  Somehow, I never thought it was quite fair that I spent half my sessions helping them with their problems and I had to pay the whole bill.  I digress.  Today's subject is jealousy.

You see, some people get their rocks off on their jealousy of others.  Their jealousy causes them sexual arousal so they're constantly finding reasons to be jealous of others.  Emotional jealousy is nine times more responsive in females than in males. The emotional jealousy in females also held turn to state that females experiencing emotional jealousy are more violent than men experiencing emotional jealousy.  Women are generally more concerned with emotional infidelity than are men.  An aggressive display of jealousy by a woman in attacks toward others may indicate unhappiness with the infidelity of her mate as well.  Wikipedia states the following.

"research shows that both men and women would be equally angry and point the blame for sexual infidelity, but women would be more hurt by emotional infidelity. Despite this fact, anger surfaces when both parties involved is responsible for some type of uncontrollable behavior, Sexual conduct isn't exempt. ( Sabbini and Silver, Averill 1995). Some behavior and actions are controllable such as sexual behavior. However hurt feelings are activated by relationship deviation."

The sexual arousal that comes from displays of jealousy combined with the infidelity of a mate seems a likely cause for someone to constantly write scathing blogs about people of whom they are jealous.  Jealousy of writing ability, jealousy of someone whom another person is dating, jealousy of a person's age and wisdom, jealousy of people's ability to be honest with themselves and others, and jealousy of just about anything else that the individual can think of to be jealous about shows either deep insecurity or flat out sexual deviancy.  A person who has so much hatred to spew is most likely very unhappy with themselves and/or really gets a sexual charge from degrading and demeaning others.

Such people are to be pitied.  The emptiness they feel in their lives is readily apparent.  One can only hope that such a person will come to a realization that the one they are hurting the most is themselves.  When they realize that the cause is internal rather than external and start working on themselves, they can often improve both their own lives and also their relationships with others.

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