crazy drunk night

a coulple of nights ago i was kikin it at the park with my homie and she invited a bounch of guys 3 white bois and 4 cholos and there was like 4 of us girls, no effence but i was the cutest, i made out and had a thing with 2 of the gangster guys before and they were talking shit calling me a slut. so i was feeling awkward and quiet untill i started drinking..i dont know what happened next but i was making out with one of the white bois  for like an hour and he kept putting his flash light on my face . then he went to go take a piss and i started making out with his friend so he came back saw me then he got pissed and threw a brand knew bottle of vodka on the ground and went off and i never saw him again then i drank even more got sooo fucked up i barely remember anything else but the next day everyone told me the second guy i got with tried to rape me and there was a fight and someone's nose got broken and the white bois were both minors like 16 and 17.. so life went on and today i was going in the freezer looking for something to eat and i found the white bois flash light hidden in the back of the freezer i think im looseing my mind.
Uploaded 10/27/2010
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