Crazy for Swayze

So get this!! The other day I was out around town, and who did I run into??  None other than Patrick Swayze! Now I'm not exactly Crazy for Swayze, and I thought Roadhouse sucked... but just the fact that he had been in movies, and had been "popular" (at some point), it was just pretty cool seeing him out and about.  So instead of awkwardly asking him for his autograph or something...  I stood about 20 yards away... spread my feet, stood sideways, pointed my index finger at him and yelled "GET HIM!!!".... AND!!! nothing happened, but I did get a few odd looks from nearby shoppers and a cop... and not to mention a VERY strange look from the Swayze himself... because he did in fact realize that I was pointing at him... But he just sort of smiled and walked away...  like he had found it funny, but wasn't going to be letting me know that he did... so maybe one day I can see him out and about again, and yell some random phrase and have him give me a good chuckle or something...

Uploaded 10/10/2008
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