Crazy heart

She showed up at my apartment around 8:30. Let me tell you, she looked great. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a short sexy white dress with some brown boots. I felt my jaw hit the ground when she walked through that door. She was gorgeous; green eyes, long brown hair, and an amazing body. Everything seemed to slow down in that small crowded shit hole. The smell of alcohol momentarily disappeared just long enough to let her perfume invade my nostrils. I could see the resentment building in the eyes of the girls sitting next to me. This girl was special. God, she was a bombshell.

My sarcastic humor seemed to do the trick with her. I was nervous, but there was no way I could let her on to that. I kept my words crisp and witty, always keeping the upper hand. I could tell she falling for it. My attempt at wooing her seemed to be paying off. I would catch her staring at me throughout the night, each time those green eyes tearing my heart in two. The party died down and only the girl and my close friends remained. I had to close the deal soon; get a number, ask her to stay, just something to keep my chances alive. Unfortunately, my anxiety started to creep up, and I lost all confidence just as she was about to leave. I was watching something great walk out the door. I was losing a once in a lifetime opportunity. Then something happened that still surprises me today, not ten minutes from the time she left I got a message and a friend request on facebook. I was in.

We texted for a few weeks. I decided I would try a defensive strategy with this girl, something I had never even fathomed before. It was a long shot but she was worth it. She dropped hints about hanging out almost everyday, but I would casually turn her down. Now, when a gorgeous girl is asking you to hang out every day, you don't normally turn that down. But I was really thinking this one out. It was a game to me, like cat and mouse. Gradually, the cat got more and more desperate. She wanted this mouse so very badly. One night I decided I couldnt take it anymore; I picked her up from a party and took her home. That was it. Thats all it took for me to solidify my place in this girl's life. She was completely sold after that night, head over heals for me.

We hung out again a few days later. I had scored some very high quality swag and we smoked until we were blue in the faces. She stayed with me that night.


I'll continue this story soon. It hurts too much to keep going tonight.   

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