Crazy People

I was driving to down the interstate 5 today to a customers and all the cars in front of me started to slow down so I figured someone got a flat tire and was coasting the side of the road. I saw a car pull over and didn't think much of it. As I drove past her I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a guy running at cars head on. 

It looked like he was doing everything he could to get one of them to hit him. It was kinda rainy today and slick but everyone was doing a good job of avoiding him, and it helped that traffic wasn't that heavy.

I called 911 and let them know. Where the guy was doing this was only about 2 miles north of the Highway Patrol station and I assume that they got there pretty quick. On my way back I didn't see any blood on the road so I figure they got him before he did any damage.

My guess is that he was trying to kill himself. At least that's what it looked like to me. I don't understand the people who do that kind of stuff. If you are going to kill yourself go off into the woods or something and just don't come back. Why ruin someone else' life over it?

Anyway I thought that was pretty interesting so I figured I would share it with you guys.  

Uploaded 11/05/2009
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