Creationism versus Evolution

Damn, I have to admit, with all the evidence mounting, evolution has the upper hand. I was a shit disturber in my youth. I remember, returning to my earlier haunting grounds visiting my friends, after many years, and when the elders saw me they would remark, "Oh, the trouble maker is visiting".  I had mixed feelings about that, but I was always eventually welcomed. Yes, people who knew me, for good reason, were cautious around me, but most people are gracious and good hearted and thank God or "Really big old dinosaurs" if that is the case. 

There is something that as far as I can ascertain, that is undeniable, evolution is slower than molasses.  It's so slow, it's like it's flow rate can be calculated as though it exists on the planet Pluto. Over billions of years or perhaps trillions, even beyond that, the effect is undeniable, totally observable and quite reliable. Yes, evolution, with endless billions of years, can  take a one celled organism and change it into a slug.

But mankind, with it's creative ability, can go from swords to guns, within a hundred years. Guns to tanks, within forty years.  Tanks to rockets and nuclear bombs, within ten years and finally within a short period of time land on the moon and build space stations manned and operated by countries that previously warred with each other. 

There is no doubt to the creative power of time and evolution, but likewise, there should be even less doubt to the creative power of intelligence as it out paces  evolution within the mind of man. Mankind is on the cusp of something extraordinary. Keep your mind open or you're going to miss it.!

What I'm trying to get across, is that perhaps the formula for evolution changed once the intelligence of man entered into it or perhaps an intelligence we are not yet aware of. Evolution undoubtedly makes shit happen, but intelligence is far more powerful and expeditious.
Uploaded 12/26/2012
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