Creationism Vs. The Big Bang

     As some of you may remember I do not consider myself a religious person; at one point in my life I would have considered myself religions, but that time is long gone. There are many arguments I remember from church (the denomination being Church of Christ) in favor of creationism that I would like to share my opinion on. The main one being the "broken clock argument". This argument basically says a broken clock will not fix itself randomly over time, therefore two particles colliding couldn't have produced the big bang. Something has to put a broken clock together; just like something had to create the universe/two particles colliding

     First of all I am not saying I place my faith in the "big bang"; it could be true, it could be something else. The fact that creationists find the big bang so crazy, however, is hypocritical to me.
"Something doesn't come from nothing" is the tired phrase I've heard sooooooo many times come from the mouths of the religious. Well, where did God come from? Did He come from nothing? To be quite honest two particles colliding makes as much sense to me as an all knowing being who:

-is everywhere at the same time

 -can hear everyone at the same time

- told people to inflict pain on an innocent animal in order to cleanse themselves from their sin

 -spoke the universe into existence

 -lets people go to Hell just because Eve ate an apple and tricked her husband into it (why should Eve not believe that snake? did she even have a concept of good and evil)

- is perfect and loving but told parents to kill their first born if they don't smear blood of an innocent animal on their door

- etc, etc, etc....

Now, on to my last point. "the Earth is just to perfect for humans to live in. Everything runs perfectly like it was made for us, this can't be random." This is also an argument I have heard from creationists many times. Here is my argument against this:

There are 10 trillion planets in the Universe estimated by Discovery ( Are you telling me that Earth being a 1 in 10,000,000,000,000 planet is too random? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe Earth is so perfect for humans because we evolved around the climate, not that the climate was created around us?

I am not saying that just because you are religious means you believe the broken clock theory, or the other theories discussed. These are just the arguments I've heard from MANY MANY MANY Church of Christ Christians, and other forms of creationists. As always this blog is just my opinion, and I'm not saying my believes are fact, or that you are wrong. and please ignor my bad spelling/grammar; the public school system has failed me.

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