Creative Block

I'm in a weird space tonight. It was the perfect night for creativity. I work 4 tens so Thursdays are my Fridays and I like to go on the Baum's and watch funny shit, look at buddies' contributions and maybe write a blog. My GF was near working on a paper that's due, there's a fridge full of beer.... and nothing.

I read a couple of blogs and tried to write comments and just felt agitated. No reason. I had no ideas for blogs of my own so I turned off the 'puter and tried to draw. I am drawing a series of original Halloween cartoons to upload in a week or so but I couldn't put my vision on paper. I have 3 cartoons drawn already and they were pretty easy but... FUCK. I can't draw tonight.

My chi must be off from my karma and my balls must be hanging in a way that is not fung shway (sp?) Everything feels strange and my brain, normally quicker than teen boy having sex for the first time, is more like an old drunk trying to bust a nut to his nagging old lady.

So I guess this is a cheat blog. Writing about how I have nothing to write about like those lame SNL sketches where the ending is a joke about how they can't think up an ending. Sorry.




Uploaded 10/10/2008
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