Creatures Of The Night - Part 11

Floating naked in the nearby river, Liek stared up at the sky and let his mind wander. He had always loved swimming. It always gave him the chance to completely escape the surrounding world. Floating there on his back, feeling the water cover every inch of his body, it was something that almost healing.

It had been nearly a week since he had been attacked. Every night was a terrifying experience for Liek. He could sense the shapes moving in the darkness, he could hear the twigs snapping as the assassins moved ever closer. Every night, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He was only able to sleep when daylight peeked over the horizon.

Isaac had been more than generous in letting Liek stay. Liek would always help Isaac with some odd jobs like chopping firewood, or hunting. There was one day when Liek came back with at least twenty quails in a sack, and three times as many quail eggs. Isaac was so overjoyed that he grabbed the boy and danced with him.

Liek smiled to himself. This place wasn't bad. He was growing to love Isaac like a father, and he was also growing rather fond of Hannah. She had always kept her distance from Liek, but she was always curious about what he was doing. She was always there to watch him do his chores, or to see him off before he went hunting for the day. Could he really love these humans? Could Isaac really replace Liek's dead father? Could Hannah ever-

Liek shook his head and swam back to shore. It was time to hunt.


"What do you mean he already left!?" Cale screeched.

The dark-haired assassin stood motionless in front of Cale.

"I told you. You've been taking far too long in sending out the assassins to find your brother. I've taken the liberty of sending one out for you."
"It is not in your place to do that, assassin!! I give the order when I'm ready to!"
"Unfortunately, Cale, I have also been told by the council that I will be given the same authority over the assassins that you have. If you fail in giving an order, I will make it. And if anything should ever happen to you while you're in command, I shall be given full responsibility over the assassins."
"Why was I never consulted in person!?"
"Because not one of the council members trusts you at this point. I've been given the duty to see that you do your job. If you fail in your duties as an adult, and as a Werewolf, I may have to give you the appropriate punishment.

Cale glared back at the assassin. Was that a threat? He felt the stab of the wound under his belly where the assassin had cut him nearly a week ago. Cale felt helpless.

"When did he leave?" Cale asked.
"Last night. He should be there by evening tonight."

Cale sat down and placed his chin in his hand.

"Thank you. You are dismissed."
"I think that I will dismiss myself." The assassin smiled.

to be continued....

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