Creatures Of The Night - Part 12

AUTHOR PREFACE - A user by the name of gonePOSTAL decided that it would be a good idea to take my story and post the rest of it all at once on the website. While I encourage everyone to ignore these posts, I cannot force you to.

This is something I've enjoyed giving you every night I come home late after work. I've learned over the course of my life that I'm only really happy when I do something constructive with my time. This is why I'm going to continue posting my story for all of you to see all the way until the end.

I know the ending for many of you has been spoiled, and I hope that you all come together and let gonePOSTAL know exactly what he's done to cheapen something that people recognized as something good. I hope you enjoy the remaining chapters of this story, and I continue to look forward to your positive feedback.

~ Matt Maiorano


Liek crouched motionless on a treebranch eyeing the creature below him.

It was quietly grazing, stopping every now and then to look up. The buck was enormous. Liek's heart was racing. Isaac would surely love this kill. Liek silently descended onto the animal, concentrating all of his strength into his legs.

He pulled his knees into his chest and shot his legs outward again, as the buck bent down to eat again. Liek's heels slammed into the base of the creatures neck, and he felt it collapse. Its back was broken. Liek caught himself on his hands and felt his elbows give, and he clumsily landed on his side.

He had to learn how to roll after a fall. Liek stood and brushed the dirt off his clothes. It was a good thing Cale wasn't around to see him fail in executing such a basic technique.

He heard the animal nearby him groan. It was still alive. Liek sighed and crouched next to it.

Its breathing was shallow, and its eyes were wild with fear. Liek placed his hand on the side of the creature's face. Such a majestic animal. He couldn't help but marvel at its beauty as it lay there groaning.

Something wet slid down Liek's cheek, and he wiped it away. There was no reason to cry now.

"I apologize for what I've taken away from you. However, I thank you for what you have given me and the ones I love. Rest well." Liek whispered before he gripped the creatures antlers and twisted.

There was a soft pop, and the beast fell silent.

Now all there was left was to get it back to Isaac. Of course, as strong as Liek was, that would be nearly impossible. He couldn't butcher it since his nails were removed. It was too risky to simply leave it.

As Liek sat there pondering, he looked around. It was beginning to get dark. Isaac and Hannah would start to worry. Liek brought his gaze down on the buck again. He sighed. There was nothing left to do but to drag it back.

As Liek grabbed its legs, he saw a movement somewhere in the trees nearby. He froze.

The shape moved like a Werewolf. Everything was silent.

He wanted to blame it on the shadows playing tricks on his eyes, but he knew that wasn't the case. All Liek could hear was the wind rustling the leaves. He slowly stood. On his feet.

"Come out here, assassin. I know you've come for me." He called.

Seconds passed. He felt himself break out into a cold sweat. His stomach was queasy with terror. It was at that moment that Liek jumped to a branch when something shrieked past his ear. He felt something split open in his cheek, but he continued to run. He couldn't see his opponent. He felt helpless. He hid behind a large patch of leaves.

He stood motionless, trying to muffle his breathing. He could see a shape moving silently and swiftly in his direction, but it was too fast to follow. It kept changing directions, and Liek could barely keep his eyes trained on it long enough to attack.

It almost seemed to be flying.

Something landed next to Liek and he quickly let himself drop to a lower branch. It was too thin, and he felt it snap. He made a blind grab and felt nothing but air. He knew there was something he had to remember....

He landed on his back and felt the air escape from his lungs. He was lightheaded. Almost instinctively, Liek brought his hands forward, and felt himself grab another pair of hands. The thumbnails were just inches from his throat. He quickly brought his knee up, feeling it hit something soft.

His attacker grunted and he felt his body go limp for a moment. Liek gripped his attacker's thumbnail with his bare hand and felt it slice into him deeply. The rest of his body was numbed by the pain as he ripped his attacker's nail off.

The assassin screamed and rolled off of Liek. Liek slowly stood holding the assassin's nail in his hand. They stood looking at each other. The assassin wasn't much older than Liek. In fact, he looked to be about the same age as Cale. It was a face that Liek had never seen before, but he hated it anyway. How could somebody try to kill another person whom they had never met?

The assassin lunged at Liek with his remaining nail. Liek parried with the nail he was holding, and then felt the assassin's fist explode on the side of his face. He was knocked flat on his back. The assassin was on him in an instant.

Where did the nail go? Liek searched blindly.

The assassin gripped Liek by the throat with one arm, and raised his nail with the other. Liek couldn't move.

"Goodbye, traitor." He rasped.

to be continued....

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