Creatures Of The Night - Part 19

Cale stood in front of the council next to Ajin. He didn't care anymore. There was nothing left for him to do but to throw away his pride, and beg for his brother's life.

"Elders, I request for you to hear my words."

The council silently listened. Cale could feel the tears streaming down his face.

"As you know, we are a race of vast intelligence, courage, and power. We have taken it upon ourselves to determine that the human race consists of nothing more than self-destruction, greed, and hatred. My father was killed by humans, and my mother died from grief. I have sworn revenge on the humans for my entire life, but yet it was the acts of two humans who saved the life of my brother."
"What are you asking from us, Cale? Would you like us to simply 'remove' a werewolf tradition that has existed far longer than you can even begin to understand?"
"No. Keep your silly traditions, and keep your vanity. I am simply begging you to let me keep my brother."

One of the elders rose to his feet, his face flushed with anger.

"He is a traitor! We will NOT allow him to live! How can you not understand this!?"
"I understand your reasoning only too well, elders. I had hoped it would not come to this."

Cale slowly rose to his feet and turned his back to the council.

"YOU WILL NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO US, BOY!! That is, unless you choose to share in your brother's fate! Now turn around!!"

Cale stopped. He turned, just as he was told. The elder grinned. But his grin soon faded when Cale suddenly grabbed Ajin's arm in a lock, and brought his nail to his jugular. Ajin yelped in surprise.

"Send out a scout immediately. You will allow my brother to live, or else this assassin dies along with every last member of this council."


It felt as if he were in another world.

Please, let it be a dream. It has to be a dream. Wake up. Please wake up. None of this is real. This can't be me. She's going to be there when I wake up. She'll have breakfast for me, and I'll get to tell her everything. Isaac will be there too, and we'll go hunting together.

Liek ignored the two figures standing over the bodies. They weren't real. None of it was. It just couldn't be.

He felt himself kneeling down over the girl he loved, and stroked the side of her face. Her jugular had been cut open. She had died rather quickly.

Wake up.

Maybe his will wasn't strong enough. Maybe this was one of those dreams that he couldn't manipulate. He leaned down and kissed her. Her eyes would open, and they would run away together. The two nearby assassins would never catch them. Her lips were still soft and warm, yet his first kiss was never returned. The reality of the situation struck him full-force in the stomach, and he found himself unable to breathe.

He already knew the story:

They found Isaac and asked him where the traitor was. Isaac wouldn't tell them. They attacked, and Isaac tried to defend himself. It wasn't enough, and he was easily slaughtered. He was stabbed repeatedly, and his aorta had been severed. They heard the screams of Hannah, and they finished her off. Then, they waited for him to come back.

Leave none alive. Kill the traitor and those who helped him. Werewolves had to be ruthless in order to be superior. Was this what superiority was? Was this the heritage that he was born into? Why could he not live the way he wanted? What was the point to all of this!?

Liek could feel the tears falling freely. Something was said to him. He couldn't hear it.

Some would say that Liek's anguished roar echoed in the hearts of every werewolf. For the first time, a werewolf swore revenge on his own kind. It was at that point that something inside of Liek snapped, and he attacked the two assassins with a fury that no werewolf could ever comprehend.

to be continued....

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